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ON THE AIR!!! Radio Maria - Macedonia
In January 1987 the Radio Maria Association was set up in Italy, (a project launched in 1983 in a parish in the province of Como, in Italy), comprises lay people and priests. The goal of the association is to make the radio independent from the parish and involve it in a work of evangelisation at a large-scale. The President of the World Family is Emanuele Ferrario and the Directors’ Advisor is Father Livio Fanzaga. The registered office is in via Rusticucci 13, in Rome, while the administrative and technical office is in Via Mazzini 12, in Casciago (Varese). The World Family of Radio Maria was legally established in 1998, and its founding member is the Radio Maria Association in Italy. All the Radio Maria Associations throughout the five continents are members of the World Family which guarantees brand authenticity, offers legal, technical, administrative assistance and the missionary development of the project.
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